13. února 2019
19:30 hod.


Michael Olsen tells about a different kind of childhood, growing up on a boat and sailing around the Atlantic Ocean. Přednáška v angličtině.
In this presentation, Michael Olsen from Denmark, will tell about his childhood at sea.
His parents built a sailing yacht themselves and sailed out into the world. On the first trip which lasted a year, it was a small adventure into the Mediterranean sea. On the second trip, appetite for adventure was greater and the four-year journey took the small family across the Atlantic Ocean, into the Caribbean and North to the US. Sailing home, took them over Bermuda and the Azores. During the journey, Michael was home-schooled and enjoyed the undivided attention from his parents.
It is a story told through the eyes of the child, but with the reflections added by the adult. The message is to dare, to live your dreams and see possibilites instead of limitations.
Today, Michael is 41 years old, lives in Jiřetín pod Bukovou with his wife, Marie and their three children. How they ended up here is another story! :-)